BBQ Chicken Bacon Ranch Salad, Creamy Crab Dip and Collar Dip

Hey health conscious people, this article is full of healthy things that you can easily make at home without many efforts and your taste buds would enjoy the creaminess as well, what are you all waiting for? Just scroll down and simply fall in love with the salad and the yummy, healthy dips.

BBQ Chicken Bacon Ranch Salad

Ingredients –

  1. Skinless, boneless breast halves
  2. Salad greens
  3. Grape tomatoes
  4. Salt
  5. Pepper
  6. Green Mountain Pellet Grills
  7. Cheddar cheese
  8. Crumbled, cooked bacon slices
  9. BBQ sauce
  10. Dressing

Directions –
1. Heat your grill to medium level of heat.
2. Sprinkle pepper and salt over chicken breasts.
3. Oil grates, lightly
4. You need to grill chicken breasts for about 8 minutes, turn occasionally
5. Once done with the breasts keep them aside.
6. You need to place a plate, and on the plate, you need to place mixed greens on it.
7. Once done with salad greens add tomatoes, cucumber, bacon and cheddar cheese.
8. Pick the chicken up and convert it into strips, how? By using a knife.
9. Once done with the chicken, place it on the top.
10. While serving you need to drizzle BBQ sauce and dressing over the salad

Ingredients for BBQ Sauce –
1. Ketchup (02 cups)
2. Apple vinegar (½ cup)
3. Brown sugar, light (05 tablespoons)
4. Water (01 cups)
5. Onion powder (1/2 tablespoon)
6. Pepper (½ tablespoon)
7. Mustard (½ tablespoon)
8. Lemon juice (01 tablespoons)
9. Worcestershire sauce (01 tablespoons)
10. Sugar (05 tablespoons)

Steps –
1. Take a large size saucepan and add all the ingredients required for it.
2. Stir well.
3. Cover it and Cook till you see bubbles
4. Uncover and cook for about 1 hour

Ingredients for dressing –
1. BBQ Sauce (½ cup)
2. Buttermilk dressing mix (01, 1-oz)

Steps –
1. You need to read the directions written behind the pack
2. Add BBQ Sauce
3. Stir well
As soon as you scroll down from here, you enter a world of creaminess. get ready to see your taste buds fall in love with the dips, full of cheese, cream and awesomeness

Creamy crab dip recipe –

Ingredients –
1. Drained, clean crabmeat (12 ounces)
2. Mayonnaise (½ cup)
3. Sour cream (½ cup)
4. Scallions, chopped (1/3 cup)
5. Lime juice (02 tablespoons)
6. Leaf parsley (01 tablespoons)
7. Seasoning (01 tablespoons)
8. Chives
9. Celery sticks

Directions –
1. Stir all the ingredients required together.
2. Add seasoning
3. On the top add chives.
4. While serving serve simply with celery sticks.

Collar dip

Ingredients –
1. Soft, creamy cheese (01, 8 – oz)
2. Swiss cheese, shredded (04 cups)
3. Parmesan cheese, grated (¼ cup)
4. Mayonnaise (½ cup)
5. Shallot, minced (02 tablespoons)
6. Pepper (¾ teaspoon)
7. Salt (½ teaspoon)
8. Collard greens, drained, chopped and thawed
9. Baguette slices

Steps –
1. Take a bowl and add swiss and parmesan cheese.
2. Mix well
3. Add shallot, salt, pepper
4. Stir well
5. Add cream cheese, whisk.
6. Take greens and fold them.
7. Take a dish (one used for baking) and spread it in it.
8. Grate parmesan on the top of it with swiss cheese.
9. Bake it for about 30 to 35 minutes and make sure you bake it at 375 degrees F.
10. While serving make sure that the plate has baguette slices.

Here this long article full of yumminess ends and if you wish to learn or want to know about some other recipe, you can just leave a comment below and if you are satisfied with what we serve then share your love with us by leaving a lovely comment for us, for motivating.

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