Mongolian BBQ Seitan and Toasted chocolate marshmallows

I’m bored with watching movies all day long and feeling like making something great, last time when I made some great was ten days ago and what did I make? Mongolian BBQ Seitan, Spicy grilled shrimp and for dessert Toasted chocolate marshmallows. Now that you are feeling like eating all of these I m here to help you with the recipes, ingredients, quantity and all the directions are given below.

Mongolian BBQ Seitan

Ingredients –
1. Hoisin sauce (¼ cup)
2. Soya sauce (01 tablespoons)
3. Agave (01 tablespoons)
4. Lemon juice (01 teaspoons)
5. Chili- garlic sauce (02 teaspoons)
6. Canola oil (02 tablespoons)
7. Sliced, stemmed shiitake mushrooms (08 ounces seitan)
8. Grated ginger(02 teaspoons)
9. Cinnamon (1/8 teaspoon)
10. Cloves (1/8 teaspoon)
11. Snow peas (04 ounces, don’t forget to remove the strings)
12. Thinly trimmed and sliced scallions (02)
13. Chopped cilantro (¼ cup)
14. Rice (02 cups)

Steps –
1. Take a bowl, add water, soya sauce, agave, lemon juice, chili- garlic and hoisin sauce.
2. Mix well.
3. Keep aside
4. Take a large size skillet and heat it over medium heat.
5. Fry seitan and mushrooms, lightly.
6. Add cinnamon, cloves, and ginger to the skillet.
7. Cook it till it thickens.
8. Add cilantro and scallions.
9. That’s all.

Spicy grilled shrimp –

Ingredients needed –
1. Garlic clove (01)
2. Salt (01 tablespoons)
3. Paprika (01 teaspoons)
4. Pepper (½ teaspoon)
5. Lime juice (02 teaspoons)
6. Large size deveined and peeled shrimp (02)
7. Lemon wedges (08)
8. Olive oil (02 tablespoons)

Directions –
1. You need to heat the grill before hand.
2. Take a small bowl, grate garlic and add it.
3. With grated garlic add salt, paprika, and pepper.
4. Add oil and stir well.
5. While the paste turns thick add lemon juice.
6. Take another bowl, large.
7. Put shrimp, and the garlic pastes that you made in it and toss it in your delicious shrimp.
8. It’s time to grill so oil the grate, lightly.
9. Grill for 3 minutes turns occasionally.
10. Use lemon wedges to garnish and just serve it.

Toasted chocolate marshmallows

Ingredients –
1. Chopped bittersweet chocolate ( 01 ½ cups)
2. Cream (01 cups)
3. Bourbon ( 03 tablespoons)
4. Skilled bread rolls (02)
5. Ripe bananas (04)
6. Marshmallows (01 bags)

Directions –
1. You first of all need to make fondue and for it, you need a bowl and fill it with chocolate.
2. Take a saucepan and add cream in it, grill over medium heat.
3. Pour melted chocolate over cream and let it rest for about 5 minutes.
4. Add bourbon and whisk
5. Pick a skewer and use thread to tie bananas, marshmallows, and bread on it.
6. Grill over a grill or the fire.
7. While serving serve with fondue.

Happy ? Now you have all the recipes, ingredients and directions in your hand or I may say on your mobile screen and I feel you all would be waiting for the article to end so that you all can go and make all these yummy dishes for you and your family so here I m ending this article with a humble request, please leave a comment below, your words matter a lot to us and motivate us to write more and more for you guys, leave a comment and let us know how much you love these recipes and not only love is what you can share you can share your views, and you can even give us suggestions.

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